Virtual reality: Microsoft's aspirations

A few days ago the giant Microsoft made many announcements concerning its projects in the field of virtual reality. Among the innovations announced, the major one is the establishment of a mixed reality platform to facilitate the interconnection of virtual reality devices.

Connected speakers from Microsoft

Microsoft will soon announce small electronic devices that would capture sounds and transcribe them. These small devices will also be equipped with a feature to automatically translate the sounds or words received into other languages. The basis of this innovation is of course artificial intelligence. With these small devices it will therefore no longer be necessary to take notes during meetings or conferences. Because the connected speakers will take care of transcribing the words of people who are speaking. In addition, this creation will facilitate communication during international meetings through its translation functionality. It is important to note that these devices are very precise and consist of seven microphones. On the day of the launch, even less the sale price is not yet known to the general public.

The concept of mixed reality

Mixed reality is the flagship project announced by Microsoft. This project aims to revolutionize the already existing virtual reality. The main breakthrough brought by the mixed revolution is impressive. Indeed, people in different places will be able to find themselves in the same room thanks to the holographic technology. This will be done by interconnecting the various headsets of the interlocutors who can be found anywhere in the world. The success of this ambitious project will not depend only on Microsoft. Indeed, all manufacturers of virtual reality headsets should work together to set up compatible headsets.

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