How to invoice its customers abroad?

For a firm that offers services abroad, one of its concerns would inevitably be how and with what means will it be able to pay their bills. Even less, if you are a freelance, the concern remains the same with the means of payment when your client is in a country where the rate of convertibility of his currency into currency is a problem. The highest risk is related to commission fees which consume almost half of the payroll in given situations.

How can you get paid as a freelancer?

With the technological revolution, several activities have emerged on the internet. What facilitated the explosion of freelance. Several thousand people engage in a partnership relationship to manage or co-manage an activity via the Internet. There are more trades such as affiliation, consulting, web editor , the web developer or even a professional from another domain . In these relationships, when the services are provided, what is more of a problem is the mode or the means by which the payments will be made.
So to prevent this from happening to you, you must take precautions and make sure of the means of payment to choose. In this regard, you should know that you will be able to offer several payment methods to your customers abroad.

What are the payment methods for a freelance?

It should be remembered from the outset that payment by check is a means that is now obsolete. It is a binding payment method and requires lengthy administrative procedures. The check also does not assure you of the availability of the reserve on your client's account. So, to avoid facing this kind of situation when paying your income, we suggest the use of prepaid bank cards or opt for bank transfers. You can also receive transfer s money via international organizations such as Western Union, PayPal, etc.